Tips On Making This Birthday More Meaningful Than The Last

Birthdays are those weird days in which you know it’s not a big deal; but you still feel like you should do something special. after all, it is the day you arrived in this chaotic world! but how many of those birthdays have you spend in a way that satisfied your heart? How many of those were spent in a meaningful way? If you answered “not too many”; don’t worry. Here’s how you can make this birthday more meaningful than the last…

Make a change; even if it’s a little one

You were born into this world for a reason. Who you are, what you do…it’s making a difference to those around you. But what if you can make a change in someone’s life? As a world that is tearing apart on wars, and orphanages filling up, there’s plenty of places to make a worthy NGO to. There are many refugee camps desperate for water; and you can supply a year’s worth of it for an entire family with only a few dollars! Even better volunteer somewhere; even a few humbling hours spent among those who’ve lost everything will help you appreciate how fortunate you are…
Make your birthday week, the week for health care

Change doesn’t necessarily have to happen to others; and certainly not only in the form of a donation. You can also change how you treat yourself and your body. Allocate your entire birthday week to ensure that your body is at its best. Get your eyes checked (even if you don’t wear glasses), take your blood tests and get your teeth thoroughly checked. Give yourself a fighting chance; figure out if you’re gaining weight unhealthily or stressing too bad.

Give in to an indulgence, or splurge on one thing

Give yourself a meaningful gift that means something to you. Have you been putting off going back home; simply because it’s too expensive to travel or because you’re too busy? Make time! Have you been eyeing something you badly want, but hesitate because there are more practical things to buy? Give in, and buy it! Splurge; but only on one thing.

Spend it only with those who you care for

Too many of us spend our birthdays surrounded by those who we don’t really care about, and those who don’t really care about us either. And even though you throw yourself a party and surround yourself with people, when it’s not the people who truly know you and care for you; it’s meaningless. Spend your birthday with those who you truly care for. Surround yourself with love. It’s your birthday; you deserved to be surrounded by love!