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July 23, 2015

How To Organize A Money-Saving Funeral?

Death leaves vacuum behind in survivors’ lives. It is sudden, unexpected and sometimes catches you unprepared. One needs to start thinking about saving money if the deceased is prime earning hand in the family. Therefore, a decent good bye to the departed soul needs to be a big time money saver too.

There are various pointers to take care of if you want funeral to fall within your budget. Funeral directors may tell you in detail about these if you share your budget guidelines clearly with them. Money saving may start from choosing a casket. You may opt for rental one instead of buying. Charges for rental are definitely lower than what you buy. For cremation process where body is burnt to ashes, rented casket is definitely a wise choice.

Do not give into the desire of showing off unnecessarily. Sometimes, funeral service provider may cash upon your position in society and explain you exorbitant plan. It is wise to stay away from such advices which are sheer waste of money and do not offer you any added peace of mind.

Look for funeral homes which have refrigerated store rooms for keeping dead bodies. If body needs to be kept for longer period for viewing, embalming is advisable. But if you choose not to get the body embalmed, next cheaper option is looking for funeral home with refrigerator. Funeral directors first understand your requirement and then suggest you the correct option.

Do not go for casket selection process in haste. Some funeral homes may hide the low-priced ones on purport. So, stay firm on your choice of selecting something more reasonable than what is offered to you at the first place. You may get to see the trump card of casket seller on constant persistence.

Once the cremation process is complete, ashes may be collected in plain plastic container or less costly pouch. You need not spend on urn as insisted by funeral service provider. It is simply the waste of money.

Try to have all the services individually priced. If you go for package, most of the money may be wasted in services which are anyways not going to be availed by you. So, why pay for unused services which are integrated implicitly in the package? Make a service list of your own and ask the funeral specialist to provide the price break up for the list.

When you go to have a meeting with the funeral service provider, it is important to get escorted by a reliable person who is not so emotionally attached to the deceased. Most of the services offered are designed in order to cash the emotionally vulnerable mindset of the grieving person. Try not to become overtly emotional and save money.

June 16, 2015

Some Common Funeral Traps And How Can You Avoid Them

After a death of a person from past many days, the family supporters or friends are pressurized to make number of the decisions related to purchasing funeral goods and facilities which are provided to them at a very big cost. Even then, there are so many other problems that arrive in front of them many times. Discussing the problems they face and ways to avoid them.

Purchasing packages

Many funeral providers provide a package of goods and facilities that normally involves funeral costs and certain duties from saving paperwork, such as death certificates, to vehicles usage for moving the body and family members. Few consumers look this as a help which provide them to ignore the guesswork and tough decision making at times as when they were in stress and weak.

How to avoid the trap?

The only method is to know about a package which is a good buy or a bad buy so that it can examine the particular goods and facilities involved.

Purchasing a costly casket or container

Caskets are usually the very much expensive thing related to traditional funerals  price usually ranges from $400 for a normal pine casket to an extent up to $12,000 for the casket which is fully covered. If we go for bronze or gold plated, price ranges around $45,000 or more.

How to avoid the trap?

• It is observed that customers buy the casket which is shown to them in first three samples. But they mostly prefer the cheaper one. Commonly, in the showrooms the casket is arranged in a sequence that they increase in price when going through them. So always observed this pattern adopted by the shopkeepers so that you can deal with them and buy a good one item.

• There is another method which is a rental casket facility in which body will be burned though it a common viewing that the body is present. The rental price may vary depending upon the type of funeral selected. If you select cremation, the funeral administration will provide this facility.

Embalming all costs

Few people select embalming which is the method of making a body slow its disintegration due to custom, personal preference or religion. They prefer this due to a mistaken as it may preserve the body for the long time duration. And even then others support to embalming which adds a cost of $100 to $700 due to real or perceived forcing from the facility provider.

How to avoid the trap?

If in any case the funeral supplier is not able to give a price for embalming as needed or disturbs any other legal necessities. You must go to write a complaint to the federal commission, the government will make the rules about fair works in the funeral industry.


April 01, 2015

Some Of The Most Bizarre And Unusual Burial Traditions All Over The World

Death is a global phenomenon and something that is inevitable. People die for different reasons and in the most unexpected time. Moreover, different nationalities with different cultures have different perspectives about death and how they handle it. Religion, culture and traditions are also different and so are the burial practices.

Here are some of the most bizarre or you could say weird burial traditions that are actually practiced in some parts of the world:

  • The Famadihana

The Malagasy or the people of Madagascar have somewhat a different kind of tradition in terms of treating the remains of their ancestors. This practice is known s the “turning of the bones” wherein the bodies of the ancestors are taken from the crypt and wrapped in cloth; then music is played and they will start to dance with the bones of the dead; and after the dance the dead is buried back to the grave. This is actually a way for the Malagasy people to commemorate their long-gone ancestors.

  • The Tree Bound Burial

This is a burial tradition practice by most atheists where the deceased is tied on the bark of huge ancient trees located in the village of the dead loved one. The tying of the dead in the trees signify that their dead family member would forever remain in their hearts and every time people pass by the tree, it would remind them that death must be prepared for.

  • The Towers of Silence

This practiced by the Zoroastrians because they believe that the human body is impure and that is should not be buried or cremated. Because of this belief, they built a tower on the edge of the city and they let the body rest on top of it for the vulture’s taking. And the bones that have been sun dried are collected and dissolved in lime.

  • The Viking Ship Burial

Vikings are just like pirates and they spend most of their lives out in the sea until the day they die. They put their departed loved on a boat filled with gold and other riches hoping that other men would find the boat casket.

  • The Tibetan Sky Burial

This is quite similar with what the Zoroastrians practice. Here, the dead body is left with milk and food to attract wild animals like vultures and other scavengers to consume the body and fly the remains into the heavens.

  • The Pit Burial

This burial tradition is a common practice in Northwest Haida by the indigenous Americans in the Northwest Coast. Their dead are simply left in an open large pit behind the village. Wild animals were allowed to consume the remains of the dead person. But it was entirely different if one is a village chief, a shaman or a warrior. These high class people’s body is crushed and fit into a wooden box with the size of a regular luggage and then fitted to the top of a totem pole in front of the house of the tribe. These Totems are believed to be the guardians of the spirits while they journey going to the other world.

These are only some, and there are funeral services more weird burial traditions that are still practice until now. But we don’t have to worry because in this present time, getting funeral services is easy with the They will provide the family of the deceased with the complete funeral services they need.  At the funeral services at Christchurch they provide all the necessary steps for the people.